Build-a-Toilet Project

Solar Package Project

The Basics

Proper sanitation and hygeiene are basic human rights. UNICEF published a report that high incidences of diarrhoeal diseases alone account for one fifth of the deaths of children age five and under in Cambodia.
And an estimated 10,000 overall deaths annually, largely owing to lack of sanitation and poor hygiene practices.
Villages in some parts of Cambodia do not even have the physical facade to call a toilet. Besides the lack of privacy and plumbing system, they are also exposed to diseases and dangers from wild animals when relieving themselves, especially at night.
Oftentimes, a makeshift toilet, with walls from large pieces of cloth is constructed which are shared among the many houses in the village.

What We Do

Hence, we try to provide solutions to these villagers by constructing toilets for them.
Their DIY "open-concept" toilets provide no privacy at all as a human being.
This will most importantly provide proper and cleaner sanitation, thus preventing spread of diseases.

How You Can Help

I know that you too want to make changes in other people’s lives.
So let’s join hands and together, we can make the world a better place for our friends.

A contribution of $770 installs a phyiscal small facade that they can use as a toilet.

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