Solar Package Project

Solar Package Project

The Basics

Here in Singapore, we get light during both during day and night.
With light, we continue working and living comfortably throughout the night. With light, we don’t compromise on safety and comfort.
Imagine living without electrivity. Imagein living without light in night. Villages in Cambodia and India experinece these conditions.

What We Do

One particular effort is to provide them with solar panels and a battery cell that will be installed with fans and lights.
These solar panels will be used in the day to convert solar energy to electricity for their day usage.
Also, the electricity converted in the day will be used to charge a battery cell.
This battery cell will then be used in the night.

How You Can Help

I know that you too want to make changes in other people’s lives.
So let’s join hands and together, we can make the world a better place for our friends.
A contribution of $550 installs an all encompassing solar package which includes:

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